BullsEye Mentoring Program

Mentee Requirements

Current 6th graders and 7th graders are invited to apply. Potential mentees must apply by the deadline of May 1st, 2019 for the Bulls-EYE Robotics program.

Once mentees are selected, both the child and a parent or guardian must attend The Bulls-EYE Induciton Ceremony on Saturday, June 15th, 2019 on USF campus.

First, fill out the online interest form (Mentees -> Apply NOW - Middle School Students). You will then be contacted by phone or email. We will complete the necessary forms at the start of the induction ceremony. The following forms must be completed and signed by a parent or guardian in order to participate in the program:

  • Application Form
  • Media Release Form
  • Medical Form
  • Code of Conduct Form

If these forms are not completed by the start of the program, the child will be dropped from the program and someone from the program waiting list will be accepted. 

In addition, failure to participate on either of the first two days of the program from 10:00am-3:00pm will also result in program removal. Those that do not show up on both of the first two days will be replaced with someone on the waiting list.