BullsEye Mentoring Program

What is Bulls-EYE Mentoring?

Bullseye Graphic

Bulls-EYE Mentoring promotes STEM through an Engineering problem solving focus delivered within a family environment. We build strong relationships between undergraduate student mentors and middle school students serving as mentees. Our program targets underrepresented students that are part of the University of South Florida community by impacting two populations:

  1. USF undergraduate students who want to promote their personal success and make a difference in their local community through outreach, a heightened sense of belonging, and professional development.
  2. Middle school students who are at risk for low achievement but may benefit from high expectations, life skills, and STEM learning.

Program participants complete a month and a half long summer program on USF campus where activities improve both their life skills and technical skills. Lessons expose students to a broad array of engineering disciplines, hands-on activities, and how engineers improve their community.

A special format will be used for the 2021 summer camp. This camp will be online only and three weeks in duration beginning on July 5th and ending on July 23rd.

We believe mentoring, personal development, and diversity are key for the production of tomorrow’s engineers.

Empowerment and growth are achieved through strong relationships and will be used to foster the development of the new generation of STEM professionals—one that continues to champion diversity and the role of STEM careers for the betterment of society.

Our mission: To empower underrepresented STEM populations in the Tampa Bay community by promoting personal development, community values, leadership, entrepreneurship, and engineering problem solving.

The resulting effort is a family environment with values that fosters the growth of both mentors and mentees. This word cloud and mentee reflection articulates the value of the program. It helps participants realize their potential in STEM through engineering design, particularly those who may not have realized this potential otherwise