BullsEye Mentoring Program

Training Program

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The Bulls-EYE Mentor training is an 8 module training series based on The Thomas Principles. The Thomas Principles were developed as part of the Students and Technology Academia Research and Service (STARS Alliance) program. Six principles (Identity Development, Social Support, Psychological Support, Academic Support, Sense of Belonging, and Leadership Development) are taught to support college adjustment, retention, and academic success for timely graduation. Students develop a strong sense of mentoring, leadership, and high expectations that promote accountability, teamwork, and success.

  • Module 1 and 2: Introduction to service learning. Team building. The mentoring relationship in Engineering. What it means to be a BullsEYE mentor.

  • Module 3 and 4: NCBI Diversity training. Building leadership skills and advocating for individuals with diverse backgrounds. Building a strong mentor cohort.

  • Module 5 and 6: Personal unfoldment: the inspiring the individual and mentoring cohort through relationship building. The Thomas Principles training.

  • Module 7 and 8: Gifts and legacies. Reciprocity in the mentoring relationship. Leadership development as a service learner.

At the conclusion of the training, students receive a professional certification in the Thomas Principles. In addition, through the fun, hands-on, team building environment in which the training is completed, students become more cohesive and build leadership and teamwork skills.

More details on the STARS Alliance Thomas Principles can be found here: http://www.starscomputingcorps.org/mentoring